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About Fantasy Cricket in India

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Oye Captain is one such online portal that allows users who love cricket to join the IPL frenzy. Users can search according to their choice select player for their virtual team. Team players could be Virat Kohli and Irfan Pathan if they choose. It is one way to allow lovers of the game to feel like a part of it. We have seen the IPL being played for several years now. It is an attractive format that is short and takes small time. There is also a lot of money to be made. Advertisers also joined the bandwagon to rake in moolah. Television channels fought for telecast rights, and the winner got to climb the popularity charts.


About Fantasy Cricket in India

About Fantasy Cricket in India

No other sports in India enjoy as much popularity. It is one reason that prompted the builders of fantasy cricket to come up with the portal. There are plenty of cricket worshippers who would love to be part of the selection committee and enjoy the ability to select team members. It is not possible for them to do so in real life. But can we not give them the opportunity at least virtually? With Fantasy Cricket, we can. Oye Captain is one such portal. It is a boon to the young generation who has grown up to love the game. The love was perhaps inherited.

Oye Captain is online Cricket Fantasy as well as the users can register plus play for a small fee. As your interest grows as well as you also get to learn the intricacies of the game, you get to decide a better team that performs as per your expectations. The better team plays, the happier one feels and of course there’s money to be won when the team wins.

The real time players are allotted points based on their real-life performances, and the user can select a team of 11 within a score of 100. The rules are pretty simple; however it is the team dynamics and the composition that comes into play. After playing the league matches, and the winner is declared the champion. As the site gains in popularity, more and more users are expected to join in the fun. Since the format is accessible as well as the rules have been kept simple, newbies can play with ease. It may be that the owners will improve the experience with time with the addition of rules that mimic real life cricket.

Though the idea originated in the West, India being a cricket loving nation will not have to wait for people to get into the game playing mode. The younger generation is always quick to pick up anything new in the market. With technology, they are always eager to learn. So, this online gaming opportunity is right for them.

Once you have selected your Fantasy Cricket team, you can sit back and wait for the actual match to begin. Every time the player you have chosen performs on the field, you will see your points increasing in the Fantasy Cricket game. You can fight with other users as well as if you end up outscoring them, then you can also succeed a lot of the cash. Yes, there is a lot of pride at stake too, but there is no better incentive than making money by playing the Fantasy Cricket.

For those of you who have always envied real life cricket team owners, Fantasy Cricket is the place for you to prove your selection skills and make a lot of cash if you’re skillful! This is one journey that will only get better as time rolls on and your Fantasy Cricket skills improve.

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