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Legality of Online Casino in Different Countries

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Online gambling legislation is considered to have loopholes resulting from rapid development of technology that underpins the development of the industry. Certain countries like Canada, Belgium, Finland and Sweden would have state gambling monopolies and so do not grant any licenses to those foreign casino operators.

Based on their law, operators licensed into the territory of the said countries could only be considered to be legal. And at the same time, they couldn’t prosecute foreign casino operators as well but could only block the sites. Players within these countries could be punished and could gamble at any site they could access.

Legality of Online Casino in Different Countries

Legality of Online Casino in Different Countries

Online Casino in Different Countries


IGA or Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 in Australia would criminalise the supply of the casino online games through an operator anywhere in the world to those persons that are located in Australia. It would only target those operators of online gambling sites therefore would result to curious situation which is not illegal for a player in Australia with regards to accessing and gambling at online casino.

There was no operator that has even been charged with offence under this act and so numbers of online casinos would accept Australian customers. The South Australian Government became the very first state or territory all over the world that introduced 12% Place of Consumption Tax being modelled on 2014 UK POCT last June 2016.


Belgian Gaming Act would allow online gambling however not only under very strict surveillance and conditions.


The Canadian Criminal Code has stated that only those provincial governments as well as charitable organizations that are licensed by the provincial governments could operate casino in Canada. It as well prohibits the residents from joining in any lottery scheme, gambling activity or game of chance that is not licensed or operated by the provincial government. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation has launched the very first legal casino in Canada named as PlayNow in 2010.

It is available to those residents of British Columbia. The province of Quebec has also operated legal online casino by the Loto-Quebec. However, despite of this legislation, the Kahnawake First Nation in Quebec has as well taken the position which is a sovereign nation capable to enact its own gambling legislation and would have licensed and would host nearly hundreds of gambling sites without having to be prosecuted.

United Kingdom

In United Kingdom, there is a Gambling Bill which was passed into law in 2005 that tends to all matters of online gambling wherein it permits online betting sites to have the Remote Gambling Licence as for the purpose of offering online betting to the citizens of United Kingdom. The UK government also put into law the Gambling Act of 2014 as an addition to the original law in 2005 requiring offshore online gambling operators that cater UK players to have a UK license.

This new regulation has required the operators to pay 15% Place of Consumption Tax which something that definitely triggered an exodus of sorts to some operators from the British Isles. But, the said exodus didn’t last long in most instances as the benefits have outweighed the stumbling blocks because UK is the major market for online gambling.

United States

In United States, online gambling legality is being debated and could also vary from a certain state to another. There is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 that limits the ability of those banks and payment processors to transact with the internet gambling sites which are unlawful under the state or federal law. But it doesn’t define the legality or otherwise of the internet-based gambling site.

It was as well commonly assumed that Federal Wire Act has prohibited all forms of online gambling. But in December 2011, the Department of Justice in US released statement clarifying that the Wire Act would only be applied to sports betting sites and so not to all the online casinos, poker and lottery sites therefore leave the legality up to the citizens. There are certain states like New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada have also started the process of regulating and legalising online gambling and so it is expected that regulation would continue based on every state.

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