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Should coaches have equal playtime to the athletes in the school irrespective to their performances

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Playing time is a big deal to every player – it’s serious stuff. Playing time is important to the development of a player. Equal playing time is a significant matter that comes up across every sport. Providing children with equal playing time in an organized team is often decided by children’s age and the competitive level of the league.

Playing time imparts both development and nourishment. Intruding into the talent of children in the school, they may be divergent in disparate ways. Some may manifest their knack instantly but quite a lot convey gradually. Considering the talent, there is a need to provide a space for them to express what they acquire as they are the budding ones in the society. The capability to exhibit what one has gained must be promoted.

Figuring the playing time of athletics in the school can break this. All players must be given equal playing time else it would lead to losing one’s self-esteem. As they say, winning does not count as much as how you play the game. Quite a lot of people are not that interested in sports but everyone deserves equal opportunities to learn and to grow. All kids deserve equal chance to try and play.

However some kids may be more developed in playing than others or they may be more instant than others. And some people have more physical endurance. It might be inconvenient for people having less endurance to play with people with more physical endurance. In the pursuit of equal playing time, the key player can ruin the play for others. It can fall off the self-esteem of a player who doesn’t yet possess the necessary skills for that position.

Should coaches have equal playtime to the athletes in the school irrespective to their performances

Should coaches have equal playtime to the athletes in the school irrespective to their performances

Should coaches have equal playtime to the athletes in the school irrespective to their performances

An important approach is to provide sufficient practice and training so that everyone is placed in the best position to succeed. The goal of equal playing time can be achieved with better players against tougher opponents with less playing time and weaker and younger players receiving more playing time against lesser opponents. The goal is to challenge the players but not to tackle the situation, which leads to failure. Some guidelines should be given to the children so that they would develop more than others. The kids will always assimilate more in training than they ever will in a game. The game is a great mentor.

Coaches don’t decide the play time, players do. Coaches may want certain players playing. Coaches must enforce rules based on the effort and commitment that players are providing. The coaches must decide only after consultation with players and parents. Usually, advanced players play more, some players play less – it’s all part of the strategy. Everyone on a team has a goal and is remarkable. With equal playing time children would try to learn hard work, communication and teamwork along with facing loss, adversity etc.

These are the qualities that will help shape them in life while moving ahead. A good player must have passion for the sport which they are playing and also should follow the rules and regulations. Only then they can reveal their hidden talent. When playing difficult games, the coach should concentrate on the stronger side i.e., they should give less playing time. When considering weaker games, the coach must be aware of it and exhibit advanced playing time for them because they need to improve.

Some children may be more developed and advanced than others. The greatest mentor is playing the game. We learn from winning; we also learn from mistakes. A good player is measured by the talent, effort, and the commitment levels they are willing to showcase. Playing time provides an opportunity for development and, fun as it is, it is very important to the development of a player.


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