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Should cricket be banned in North America

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North America has massive diversity in form of the Unites States of America, The Caribbean islands, Mexico, Canada and many more countries, roughly 23 in number. Largely famous for its craze for sports like baseball, soccer and basketball, cricket is almost as trivial in the Americas as football is in India.

Cricket, as a sport, never attracted the kind of attraction in America as it did in Asia, Africa or the Pacific. Although The Caribbean is known for some of the greatest cricketers it has produced, the same cannot be said for Central America. Although there were times in the 20th Century when cricket gained popularity, its insurgence slowed down due to people taking more fancy to leisurely sports like golf and tennis. The Philadelphian team did play for a while but could not attract the pool of talent it needed to.

Banning the sport though is a bit harsh as there are innumerable immigrants who play cricket there and enjoy the sport, which in the long run can attract the American people. In recent years there have been a number of tournaments like the Cricket All-stars featuring stalwarts like Shane Warne and Sachin Tendulkar and getting a full house reception at the stadiums of Houston, New York and Los Angeles. Given proper opportunities cricket sure can grow steadily throughout the continent.

Should cricket be banned in North America

Should cricket be banned in North America

Should cricket be banned in North America

In the wake of recent attacks in America, sport as a unifying factor among people of different religions and cricket can play a huge part in bringing together scores of crowds of different nationalities and religions. Cricket is a gentleman’s game and Americans can adapt easily due to their familiarity with baseball, so it is not advisable to ban cricket when there is a greater chance of its expansion to about 530 million people.

Cricket can also give a boost to a rather downward spiraling economy by bringing extra revenue opportunities. Lakhs of people would get employed resulting in increase in employment level and less burden on the government. The government can earn revenue in form of ticket fees, sponsorship etc. Banning cricket would completely ruin chances of earning this extra revenue as majority of migrants there love to watch cricket and would pay a premium to watch the matches live. An inter state championship modeled around the Indian Premier League with all its T-20 matches and added glamour can take cricket to unimaginable heights in America. The added celebrity buzz can create wonders for the game as the common people tend to follow their idols.

Competence of Americans in cricket will improve gradually with proper support from the International Cricket Council. It is inevitable that nurturing a player be done at the grass root level like in India or Australia. In India, people spend their entire lives trying to play in the national team but do not achieve much success due to tough competition. Talented American players can benefit that way as they can get opportunities to play after enough hard work and practice. International players can be hired as coaches so that proper guidance is offered to all players. Greater earning opportunities is also needed like there are in baseball and basketball enabling people to reconsider their career choices. Advocates of the game should take up the baton for growing the sport in the continent and change the mindsets of people. It cannot be banned nor let it be forgotten amidst insane popularity of other sports.

The Americas are infamous for their liberal gun control laws and even allowing the production and usage of drugs like marijuana, so why ban a harmless sport like cricket when it has so many advantages and can provide massive entertainment. I rest my case.

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