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Tips about the game of running at marathon

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If the person is running at marathon are some of the training for any kind of races it is very important that they must follow some of the steps which make them more effective for winning in the race. The good information’s are the best one which is used for winning the games more easily. Nutrition is very important for the trainer. The person must drink lots of water during their training and also during their race.  For avoiding dehydration it is good to take water which makes to feel fresh and must east healthy foods which make you healthy.

Drink the water in case if you are not feeling the thirsty. Wearing clothes with bright color and hats will make you to feel more comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable then it is good to drink water and practice to eat during the run. To avoid cold it is good to wear one or more shirts instead of wearing single sweater. The heart rates must be monitored after every training.

Tips about the game of running at marathon

Tips about the game of running at marathon

Game of Running at marathon

For preventing the injuries a person must wear proper shoes and other things which will protect them from the injuries. On the racing day new shoes or new dress should not try. These changes will make you feel uncomfortable. Hence proper and regular training will makes person stronger and increase their self confidences to win the race easily. Lack of self confidence will also makes a person to loss the race.

Here are thirteen mistakes that you can make while running a race.

Start at the front: Unless you are an elite runner, many runners will pass you soon after you cross the starting line.

Skip all water stops: The water stops are placed on a race to protect you from dehydration.

Drink water only because “It’s there”: Several runners every year especially first-timers in longer races such as marathons develop hyponatremia from drinking too much water during races. And that hyponatremia can send them to the emergency room, or even to the morgue.

Do not carry your own hydration liquids: If you have trained with particular liquids that you know support you hydration-wise, electrolytes-wise, and energy-wise, then it can be a mistake to assume that what is dispensed at a race’s water stops will be an adequate substitute.

Start fast: Starting fast almost guarantees a positive split. And positive-split races are usually slower overall than negative-split races.

Focus on pain: Focusing on pain will eventually slow you down.

 Race with new shoes: New shoes do not “ride” in the same way that shoes that you were wearing up to the last day of training.

Skip anti-chafing methods: Anti-chafing methods include creams and nipple guards.

Race with old socks: Old socks will not make any problems whereas new ones will make some problems.

Race with your bib on your side or back: Race photographers associate photos with you based on the bib number visible in those photos. Racing with your bib on your side or back ensures that your bib number will not be in your photos.

Race with the crowd: The crowd at most races starts too fast, and those runners pay for this at the end, when they do not have enough energy in reserve for the final portion of the race.

Ignore others: Ignoring other racers will very likely lead to someone running into you or your running into someone else.

Running off the course: This can include running up on sidewalks or grassy areas that are not part of the official race course a recipe for increased risk of tripping.

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